GET FIT as easily as you can!

Nutrigo lab burner includes ingredients that support:

  • Reduction of fat tissue
  • Inhibition of new fat cells creation
  • An optimal level of blood sugar
  • Faster metabolism of carbs
  • Appetite reduction
NutrigoLab Burner
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How does Nutrigo Lab Burner work?

The unique combination of active ingredients in these capsules makes sure that all of the elements important for reducing the fat tissue in your body have as much effect as possible.

These ingredients include BioPerine®, Citrin®, Raspberry Extract and SINETROL® Xpur. All of these ingredients serve a specific purpose to produce optimal results!

Why should you use Nutrigo Lab Burner?

  • This supplement will help you not only burn your fat tissue, but it will also help regenerate your muscles after heavy workouts! It helps you achieve optimal results by replenishing energy without storing it in your body as fat!
  • It is a food supplement designed for active competitors in all kinds of sports, demanding different physique.
  • It is ideal help for weight reduction periods, offseason workouts, or pre-competition preparations.
NutrigoLab Burner

What each capsule contains?

  • 10 mg of BioPerine®
  • 150 mg of Citrin®
  • 100 mg of Raspberry Extract
  • 3000 mg of SINETROL® Xpur

One package of Nutrigo Lab Burner contains 60 capsules (30 doses)

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2 capsules a day
Take it before lunch or before the workout
Take it with 300ml of water

97% of the customers are delighted with the results of using Nutrigo Lab Burner!


I used Nutrigo Lab Burner to help me stay lean during the triathlon offseason, and it really did the trick for me! I came back to the competition form much faster than before!
It is a hard thing to prepare for the bodybuilding competition nowadays, especially when you need to go as lean as possible without losing any mass. Thanks to the Nutrigo Lab Burner, I achieve this much easier than before!
I used this supplement to reduce weight while preparing for my 1st boxing match as a pro. It really helped me out! I became leaner, quicker, and of course – I won the match!


1 What is this food supplement about? +
It is a modern formula designed to help you burn fat. It is equally suitable for active competitors and for amateurs.
2 When will I see the results? +
This depends on your workouts routine, intensity, and diet.
3 Are these capsules hard to swallow? +
No! They are designed to be extremely easy to swallow!
4 Is this food supplement safe? +
Absolutely! There are no known side-effects.
5 How many capsules are there in a package? +
The package contains 60 capsules.
6 What is the shipping time? +
We guarantee our customers fast delivery by a courier company. You will receive your order within 24h to 48h.


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